Litigation Support

Rausch Law can help your firm in its case analysis, motions pleadings and discovery. We provide your firm with a fresh and independent view of your case, saving you money, time and stress. We can help you figure a way around a unique legal issue or how to best deal with difficult opposing counsel. Let Rausch Law handle your discovery and other burdensome aspects of litigation.

For over 15 years, the lawyers at Rausch Law have practiced on both the plaintiff and defense sides of litigation. Working on both sides of the fence has given Mrs. Rausch the experience to know the plaintiff’s obligations to preparing its case for trial and the defense’s opportunities to defeat the claim. As a seasoned attorney and as a certified fraud examiner, Mrs. Rausch is creative in her approach to litigation, especially in the discovery process. She is thorough in discovery and relentless in her motions practice. She knows the Rules.